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Big Speck

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Fished a couple of hours last evening. tide was making the moon was full the sun had just dropped. I caught a little trout I made a few more casts and Wham! Mr big hits and takes off enventually I turned him I got him about 20 ft from me and then he did a couple of laps. reached out and removed the hook from his lip , then i released him. That was the biggest trout ive caught in three months. This trout Is A GATOR! And she is still out there to fight again. This trout was over 5lbs and it was all of 26 inches because i held him against my rod and then measured when i got home.I caught @ DB Flats Thats East of the Navarre bridge On the south side of the sound. If you are fishing from the wall between the bridges You are close , but to reach it you have to wade. Good Luck :usaflag
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Whoever told you, "Using live bait for Specks was cheating"?,..Doesn't.."Own a boat, buy fuel, hasn't fish till their fingers are frozen or cracked, doesn't know how to tie a good knot, know how to anchor a boat, or lost an anchor, wash a boat, launch a boat,never bought a 5 year Fishing License, never fished in the rain, probaly throws them all back, neverfished with his wife or kid, hasn't been fishing all day and not even get a good look at a fish, doesn't know how to cook,never picked up ice and bait or drinks for you on his way over, doesn't know how to throw a castnet, never had boat problems while fishing, been sunburned,been stoped by the Marine Patrol, never entered a tournament, neverbroke the tip off his favorite rod, is easily confused by the different hook styles and sizes , has neverlost his keys or had his only lighter get wet , not a member of the PFF,is an Ex Bass fisherman with a box full of crank baits and isprobably a Vegetarian or a Yankeethat doesn't evenEat Fish"!....Anyhow.. I know I am at least half right..:poke
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