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Big Speck

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Fished a couple of hours last evening. tide was making the moon was full the sun had just dropped. I caught a little trout I made a few more casts and Wham! Mr big hits and takes off enventually I turned him I got him about 20 ft from me and then he did a couple of laps. reached out and removed the hook from his lip , then i released him. That was the biggest trout ive caught in three months. This trout Is A GATOR! And she is still out there to fight again. This trout was over 5lbs and it was all of 26 inches because i held him against my rod and then measured when i got home.I caught @ DB Flats Thats East of the Navarre bridge On the south side of the sound. If you are fishing from the wall between the bridges You are close , but to reach it you have to wade. Good Luck :usaflag
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I usually fish a place nearthe Navarre bridge, close to DB flats. I'm glad to see some fish coming back there, I'll be looking for some gators next week! Maybe I'll see you out there and we can catch a pair ( We can use my camera) What did you catch your fish on? I've been told that using live bait on specs is cheating, what do you think?
I went out to db flats and caught a nice spec. Apparently some guy was watching me from his waterfront window, and he started screaming as soon as I landed the fish! It was amazing! I have had people turn off dock lights before, but this was something else. It was mid morning and completely calm. All of a sudden, the guy started yelling about how I couldn't keep any fish caught from around his dock! I completely ignored the guy and kept fishing, but his antics kind of ruined the mood! Thankfully I was on a good drift and followed the fish to the next spot. BTW, i thought I saw dbflats on a chart, but it turned out to be something else. You do have to watch that drop off though; there is no telling what is lurking out there. Just a few weeks ago, I caught a 4 ft gar fish! It was a fun time, and my first Gar. I caught it on a live mullet while drifting over the grass beds for specs. There is nothing like a fresh live bait to get the fish on! How do you launch that fly on a regular rod? I bet a carolina rig with the fly would really get it out into the strike zone!
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That sounds awesome! Have you used that set up to launch some sand fleasover the waves for pompano? I'd like to catch atrout on a pen rod that I saw on late night tv. A gator trout wouldn't be idea though, I'd hate to wear him out beyond salvation. But what a fight it would be on a light set up!
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