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Big 3 Bigfish Tournament

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Alright bossman said I could have the day off tomorrow to fish a tournament!!! It is a great tournament with a unique payout. It pays 1st,2nd and 3rd every hour for each division Reds,Trout and Flounder. With the grand prizes at the end.

My buddy Ryan and I are going to fish it. He is a local fishing and hunting guide. (a florida boay and a texan....what a weird combo) We are going to leave my Century in the barn and run his Majek. That boat is awesome it will run on a wet napkin!!

Anyway, wish us luck and I will post a report and some pics on Sunday when I get back in the office!!
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Interesting pay outs! Catchemup!:letsdrink
Thanks for the replies. I will post Sunday morning how we did and maybe some :takephoto

Bringin that Florida A$$ whoopin to the Texas coast!!!!!
Well here goes. We got on the water @ 6. Found some great bait shortly after. We ran to our first spot and set a long drift across the opening of a canal. Mud with mixed shell which is what the fish have been feeding on. First cast I jacked up a rat red (Bad omen?) Two cast later I jacked up a small trout, next cast another small trout.

Caught a few more small fish and decided to make a good run to a really shallow back lake, hoping with the sun coming up good and warming the water the fish would start pushing shallow to feed. Well we were right the fish were there and so were 18 other boats. After fighting through the traffic we managed one decent trout a short red and a 11" flounder. Decided to leave that spot and run to the oyster beds and put a good wade in.

Well thats when it got fun. Runnig the ICW to the next area the engine decided to die. We got a tow from some friendly guys to the bank to work on the engine. 2 hrs. later still a no go. Called Sea-tow they said it would take them 6 hours to get to us.(Why the hell did I pay for the tow package) Anyway a nice guy that was in the tourney gave us the hour and a half tow back to the Weigh-in.

From there it all gets a little cloudy, probably all the whiskey,rum and beer we started drinking. So there you have it another mechanical failure another ruined tournament. But atleast we were off work and having fun.:banghead
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