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Better-Built tool boxes

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I have a 2.5yr old black "power coated" tool box that i'm have issues with. The black is chipping off. Power coat doesn't chip or flake off!!

I called them 6 months ago, and they said no problem. Take it back to were you bought it... Well I did that and they told the truck supply company no dice!! Their representaive called me to say they had a 1yr warranty... " Ok fine"..I said were is that in print....she had no answer. It's not!!!

The guy at the local supply co. Told me they had a power coat problem and should take care of it.

What do you guys think.... Am I asking to much???
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Drop in at Daws Manufacturing on Grow dr. in Ellyson industrial park. You have to go into this foyer area and call an extension on a phone. If you meet them face to face you may get better results. Make sure you have the toolbox so they can see this. I went recently with a problem and after talking to one of the reps it was taken care of.
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