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well, first of all the day started slow when i got the phone call that my friend i was gonna go with was sick.. well, i just picked up a new reezen and have been shooting it for a few days and decided i would go solo. we talked back and forth on where i should go and made the right choice. i hook up to the boat and am on my way. got to my tree about two after wading through a silou that was waste deep ( with no waders :banghead ) so i was soaking wet the rest of the hunt. my tree was on the edge of a monster gum pond and my tree was even in a foot of water. at 4 i hear some walking in the water behind me and it sounds like they are circling me but they get right beside me and come straight to me. there were 3 does with the largest in front. with this being a new bow and all, i was shooting the first thing i saw. well the deer were within 30 yards walking to me and got to about 10 when the shooting lane was about to be open and the big ol doe stuck her head in the lane as i was drawing and she smelt sonething she did not like. she calmly backed up and took the two others with her for no shot at all. five minutes later, i hear something walking straight to me on the same trail and it was a spike. he litterally stood under my stand for ten or so minutes. the tree i was in, you could only get up about 13 ft. so the bottom of my stand was almost right above his head. when he turned to leave i attempted to draw back and something spooked him to make him jump behind some trees at about 10 yards and presented no shot. oh well, i learned to draw when they are in route to me... after that i saw many more deer that i never could see there heads, just glimpses of there bodies as they were walking through the pond. i even had a river otter swim up under my tree for a few minutes and hang out. then as i was getting down, i hear grunting from the ol pigs and they are close but its thick and they are between me and the boat. needless to say it was DARK and i choseto stay in the waste deep silou and wade out instead to cause a confrontation with a bow and arrow. also seen some ***** up in a tree all afternoon eating acorns off of it. all in all, a great afternoon even though i did not kill. hopefully tomorrow..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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