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I started things off for both today and tomorrow by smoking some chunks of Butt I'd originally set aside for future Carnitas.
Big chunks of Butt rubbed with my basic pork rub and smoked it Hot-n-Fast (275°-300°) over Hickory for 2 hours.
Then wrapped in paper with butter and honey and finished for 2 more hours.\

The PP is for today's BBQ Biscuit Bombs and tomorrow's dinner.

#1 BBQ Biscuit Bombs
2 packs of Biscuits, 8ct (regular not the flaky layered kind)
Approx 2C of sauced PP
16 1/2" cubes of cheese, I used smoked Gouda and Colby Jack
1/2 stick of melted butter seasoned with Cajun spice, garlic powder, paprika and dried chives

Biscuits stuffed with sauced Pulled Pork and Cheese, brushed with Spiced Butter.
Flatten out a ready made biscuit, place a cube of cheese and spoonful of sauced PP, seal it up good and place in buttered 12" cast iron skillet.
Brush tops of biscuits with spiced butter and bake for 25-30 minutes.

#2 Sweet-n-Spicy Pork
Thick slices of Kielbasa sausage topped with Jalapeno and Pineapple, then wrapped in thick cut Bacon.
Smoked over Cherry and finished with a damned near divine Glaze.
I made six with jalapeno. six with out and several just sausage/bacon.
Smoked them over Cherry at 275°-300° till the bacon was well rendered and then glazed.

The glaze... Sometimes ideas pan out like 49'ers wet dream.
About equal parts SBR and Bulldog Katsu sauce combined with 1/2 can of crushed Pineapple.
Eureka! Danged near divine sauce.

#3 Apple and Pear Cobbler, with Ice Cream
A classic Dutch Oven cobbler made with Apples and Pears.


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Wow, knocked it out of the park again! I'll bet it tasted even better than it looks and it looks awesome! Insert the dog pic here, Drooling.
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