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Bayou Texar!

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Has anyone tried it yet for Trout this fall? Will be up in there tonight to see how it goes.:angel
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Me, Last Chance and one of his friends hit it last night. Caught a good number of smaller trout with some bigger ones mixed in. It was windy has hell, Maybe it'll lay down tonight. Good luck
You might get some finger mullet for bait in the shallows. The tides have been real low lately, so be careful.
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Well called up Drew( d45miller)and headed out around 4:00. Fished a few holes til dark. Floated around the bridge,and headed to the dock lights. We picked up a few juvie Trout with a bonus juvie Red Drew caught. Not much to post this time around. But did get a line wet.
Thats all thats important !!!!!!!!!

Thanks for letting me tag along!

Here's Mark staring down one of the many small specs.

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This pic looks like Trout scare the hell out of me. LMAO!!!!!
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