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We put the boat in at Navy Point around 11:00 yesterday afternoon. The bay was nice and slick. We ran around the corner to the pass and found some spanish jumping and busting the top. We fished for a minute but they didn't seem real hungry, so I decided to run on out in the Gulf. We found some more fish just outside of the pass. I hooked up on one Spanish, and poof (like magic), we had 5 or 6 boats on top of us. I didn't wanna fish with the crowd, so we went on out. Found another big school of fish less than a mile out. These were bigger and eating better! We put a few in the box, and took a little beach break. I had Ashley and Jordan with me, and Jordan wanted to swim. hung out on the beach at Fort Pickens for an hour or so and then ran back to the bay. I decided to fish some of the rocks on the way back to Navy Point. Pulled out my little size 2500 reel with a red and black mirrodine and caught a puffer fish (gotta love those mirrodine's) and some small skipjack. I got bored with that and tossed the mirrodine about 30 feet off the back of the boat put the rod in the holder and trolled through the deep hole just passed the rocks. Right as the boat cleared the deep spot and was easing up on the shallow flat, BAM drag started screaming. Ashley grabbed the rod and before I could even get to her I heard the line snap as the last of it pealed off the spool. She told me it almost ripped the rod out of her hand when she grabbed it. I don't know what it was, but it was sure in a hurry. Tossed a couple more lines out and trolled 'em through the same spot, we got one more solid hit but we missed it. We headed back in after that. We had a great day and it was beatiful out there. Here's a pic of the fish I kept.


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