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Headed out before light this morning with my buddy Justin. Planned on looking for some bay kings so we found the Menhaden and with easy had more than we could ever use. So the plan was working so far.
We had our bait and had time to get to our spot for first light. Figured with the great weather, we would have some boats to contend with but it was pretty much a ghost town. So we slow trolled for a pass or two but with the steady winds it was pushing us faster than we needed, so we anchored and set out some balloons. The bite was pretty slow and I mentioned, " I wish we would get a zzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" well it happened as soon as I finished saying that. It was awesome, it would have been even better if we got more than a quick zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, and no bait left.
So we send out another Menhaden and after a decent wait I see my ballon change direction quickly and I massive explosion happens behind my balloon. Then we got a reel drag screamer. So our plan came to truth :).

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Now we were excited but our excitement didnt mean anything to the kings. We only had one more bite but not a king, it was a stud Spanish. Nice, but not our target. So we called it a day for kings and headed to the flats.

We saw a bunch of Mullet jumping and decided to start fishing. We both tie up silver spoons and start working the area.
In just seconds Justin hooks a decent Spanish. Then a lady fish, then a red fish, then Justin couldnt buy a bite. After I watched him for a while I got back to work and I see a fish following my spoon so I dropped my tip and then speed up my reel and boom, he nailed it. I thought it looked like a small jack and when it got close I still wasnt sure. Then it turns and I smiled. Justin said what is it, I said a pompino! He was like no, I said yes. See

Fish Fish

Little Cleo spoons are awesome. If I had one lure, that is it. Sling a mile and catches everything under the sun!

Justin threw for a few more mins and landed another stud Spanish and we called it a day.

Fun day on the water. Glad my boat is fixed, it been out of the water for 4 months.

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Yeah...sounds like a great time!!!! Congrats to ya'll!!!
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