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they were biting on the outgoing tide this afternoon. Live menhaden were the trick, we only put a doz menhaden in the well and the rest on ice, all 12 got hit very quickly and resulted in 8 lost rigs, 2 hooks pulled and 2 small but keeper gags. We got a 22 1/2 and a 25" fishing some debris in the turn basin. Tried the pass redfish bite and got skunked with live pinfish, the water was so tanic and fresh looking, I wasn't even surprised when we had a gar swim next to us while drifting. Hope this weekends bite is good too, see you on the water.

pics are on cell phone - I know, no pics = it didn't happen, but I didn't buy the grouper in my panko breaded nuggets!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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