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This is Shilo. He is a Basset Hound Mix, could be bull dog or something, cause of the coat, and his muscular figure. But he is a really cool dog. solid and heavy but his belly basically drags the ground when he walks. Big dog build with stubby legs. Quite an interesting sight.

My (EX) Girlfriend rescued him from our neighborhood as a very small puppy. Then we broke up, and she moved out and left me the responsibly. I love him to death, but I work entirely to much, and go to college in the evenings.

He is in need of someone that can give him a better quality to life.
*He doesn't Chew
*A great Guard dog
*Not Violent towards animals/Children/people
*A true Couch Potato
*Completely house trained
*All Shots
*Been on Heart Guard Prevention

Like I say, I love him, and hate to see him go. But I know its for the best if someone else can spend more time with him.

He wasnt socialized as much as I would have liked to, so his reaction is usual over excitement when meeting new people, but just tail wagging wanting to smell everything on you with his really good basset nose.

But please, if your looking for a dog, give me a call. Love to bring him by. but I know the first reaction isnt as good of a dog as he truely is, so I would strongly suggest giving it a few days try.

(850) 619-0727

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