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Burnt Drag (1/23/2010)Do any other object to this "rating" system that encourages members to 'serial' post? Its like members post the same way some people just talk until they have something to say. There are also many over-cooked icons such as the idiot smiley face holding up the beer mug. That one insults my intelligence and just evokes a feeling that the poster is interested in minimal content and maximum drunk. It gives people who drink a bad name. Some members seem to spend more than 12 hours a day monitoring and posting. And we get to see pictures of their boats everytime they post. There is a lot to like about the forum. But it looks like a lot of members home lives are sufferiing becuase they spend more time on here than with family. 2 morepennies.

if its that big of a problem then go elsewhere.. you're obviously fairly new to this forum and :letsdrink has been round whole lot longer than you have.. i wonder which will last longer
1 - 1 of 103 Posts
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