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on the rocks (1/24/2010)
big blue (1/24/2010)Well, here's my 2 cents worth. I remember years ago when alot of good fishermen got on this forum and exchanged ideas and tactics, as well as posting reports. ALOT of them have ceased to get on here just because of silly, immature crap like this. There are a few on here taht act like a bunch of old women, gossiping, and stirring up sh*t. It really is a shame because the forum has alot of great things to offer and I used to really enjoy using it. As for Woody, he has always been a standup guy to me. He is the only person who has ever bought a puppy from me that did what he said he would do and keep in touch, send pictures and updates on his pup! Also, anytime we are going to Louisana to fish, he tries to be as helpful as he can to give us good information on where the bite is. I think we should reserve judgement based on our personal experiences and not what he or she said! Maybe you have to be a little older to appreciate this philosophy. Why don't some of you guys pick up a rod or a gun or a net, some of these conversations would be more suited for E-TV, or Dear Abby!

well said..

Is this a call out for you miss? I never meant to stur things up! If anything I was saying its a little extreme to ban the guy! The reason I said I stood behind freespool 100% because he is my friend and didn't want to insult him. Ive never met this woody guy! Cool your jets old wise one!
1 - 2 of 103 Posts
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