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I'm not sure for the pan handle but I've been fishing in central Florida since 1981 and here is my expereince fo rdown here..

Jan.-Feb. 15th

Crappie / specks Artificial Hal Fly jig..either jig slowly off the bow of your boat , or drift on the bottom.

Live bait...hook minnow through both with bobber about 1 -2 feet off th ebottom.

Shellcrackers/ red earred the bottom with smallest split sho tyou got..1/2 of BB and live red worm

Feb, 15th through April 15th..Bass.

most successful shiner ..2 foot off the bottom

Artificial..Soft rubber worms..pegged Texas rig..flip or pitch in heavy cover..20 pound Power Pro line.

Weeds..white weedless spinner baits or top water

April 15th - June 1st..bluegill worms bottom..

or fly rod poppers....or 1/16th ounce rooster tails or beetle spins
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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