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Bait for the winter

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I finally finished fixing my boat on Saturday. Since it was too rough to fish on Sunday we took the boat out to Mulat bayou to fill the freezer with Menhaden for the Winter. They were a little tough to get at first, but we ended up filling 3 coolers: 100qt, 120qt, 150qt. We filled 80 or so gallon ziplock bags to go with the 21 bags my Uncle got on Friday. We should have plenty enough to get us through Spring.:)
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Is there anything special you do to them so they dont get soft?
wishiniwasfishin07 (10/8/2007)Is there anything special you do to them so they dont get soft?
Bionic brine would be my first guess. Any pics of this alleged bait Matt:takephoto
I found this online at

"To maintain the quality of your soon-to-be frozen bait, soak the baitfish in a simple brine solution of one pound coarse salt and eight ounces baking soda to a five-gallon bucket of slushy salt water."

They also say that its very important to freeze the baitfish soon after the catch.
We just keep them cold from the start then bag them and freeze them. They stay good and fresh that way. If you dont get them on ice as soon as you catch them thenthey will get soft.........Sorry Dan, no pic's of the bait but you are welcome to come over and peek in the freezer.
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