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Dad an I always make sure to save opening day of snapper season every year for a father son day. We put in at Texar hoping to find some menhaden and saw a few popping but the consistent traffic of boats spooked them quick. Good to see they're making their way up in there though. We ended up getting some Ruby's close to the Patti and headed east. Water was choppy but not terrible. We hit our first spot and were pulling up what I considered smaller fish and kept a few of those between the 18" to 20" range. I was really wanting dad to get hooked up on a good fish so we bounced around more than usual and ended up needing to head a little farther south. Hit about 10 miles and he finally hooked up on a good one. I had my back turned and heard that loud grunting and him acknowledging that he thinks he has a better one on. He ended up pulling up his new PB at 32". Not bad for 73 year old man!! Made the day seeing the ear to ear grin on his face after that fish. We hit another spot to find our 4th and headed in.


Me and a couple buddies hit the water for my second round of snapper. We wanted to scout some numbers we had to the west and just see what we could find. Put in a Chico and the boat ramp was loaded as expected but everyone seemed quick and efficient on the ramp. Waited around for some light to hit the horizon and see if the menhaden were there. They were spotty and about 10 casts only resulted in about 30ish fish. Decided to head and finish the baitwell off with cigs and found a rip that did just that for us. We were close to 3 barges so decided to see if we could pull a red off of it before we headed west. I hooked into a monster that couldn't be stopped with 80lb flouro and completely locked down drag really wish I would've been using our heavier spinning gear for that one. I got a 22" fish and we decided to head west. We rolled over a lot of empty numbers and finally found one that marked up good enough to try. Never marked much of any structure but the fish were holding to something. My buddy pulled up a nice black snapper so we stayed there most of the trip and got a good share of them. Of course there were some reds mixed in. Nothing super big but we were happy with anything keeper size. Other buddy ended up getting a good size red and we decided to head in from there. Hit one more spot for our 6th fish and found another few empty numbers on the way in. Another good trip to close out the weekend and we all have plenty of fish for fathers day fish fry's!!
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