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ATTN: Dog Hunters Need to Borrow

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Hello PFF dog hunters, i have a favor to ask. First week of March, not sure of the dates yet, I need to borrow a dog box if possible.
I have to take our doberman puppies to gulfport, Ms to get their ears cropped. I would need to borrow it for about 4 days. One day to take them there then we pick them up after 3-4 days.

Thanks so much.
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Capt. slim I have a three boxes in my yard by that time of year you are welcome to. I live over in Mulat so you are close. I am sure one of these three will fit your truck so just let me know and you can come get it.
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Thanks so much Fla scout. I owe you a case of beer of your choice. I will let you know this weekend what days i will need one. This is going to make hauling 8 puppies back and forth to gulfport so much easier.
Nothing owed but a handshake. If you need it for an extended timeframe no problem as long as I have it back by November!
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Capt. slim I will be at the camper from this afternoon until next Wednesday night so I won't be able to reply until next week but the offer is standing and we can discuss a pickup date when I return next week.
Sounds good scout, i wont need it till early march any way. Good luck out there kill a bigun
PM inbound Capt. Slim.
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