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ATTN: Dog Hunters Need to Borrow

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Hello PFF dog hunters, i have a favor to ask. First week of March, not sure of the dates yet, I need to borrow a dog box if possible.
I have to take our doberman puppies to gulfport, Ms to get their ears cropped. I would need to borrow it for about 4 days. One day to take them there then we pick them up after 3-4 days.

Thanks so much.
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Thanks so much Fla scout. I owe you a case of beer of your choice. I will let you know this weekend what days i will need one. This is going to make hauling 8 puppies back and forth to gulfport so much easier.
Naw i'll have it back way before november, we have to drop the dogs off one day then pick them up three or four days later.

I hear ya spooney those dog hunters are an evil bunch of folks aint they :whistling:
Capt. slim I will be at the camper from this afternoon until next Wednesday night so I won't be able to reply until next week but the offer is standing and we can discuss a pickup date when I return next week.
Sounds good scout, i wont need it till early march any way. Good luck out there kill a bigun
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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