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Fished this area for the first time earlier this week due to more inconsistent weather patterns in the Gulf Breeze/Navarre area.
Fished out of Woodlawn one day and got skunked. Tried to go to Oriole the next morning and the overcast forecast was fairly heavy rain when I got there, so drove back over to Navarre to launch at the small ramp behind Broxons. Weather was no different over there, so headed back to Milton. Weather seemed much better further inland, so headed to Archie for an afternoon fish. Miss interpreted the guy at the bait store and went out of the inlet and headed under the train trusses to fish and ended up in the upper bayou. No luck, had a nice Slot speck throw the hook Once it hit the top of the water and landed a small speck.
Just sail and channel cats otherwise.
Didn’t have much time to fish yesterday morning, so decided to try Archie again, only this time fish just the inlet that the bait guy actually suggested!!!
Slow fishing, but did end up achieving two milestones.

Ride: 12ft Native Slayer Pro

Gear: 7’ medium action Ugly stik lite pro, 2000 series Penn Fierce II spinning reel, 14#braid/15# mono leader.

Setup: Depth Adjustable Homemade popping cork setup w/ Live shrimp.

PB bass, on the flats none-the-less! Don’t laugh. I rarely bass fish!!


Now this is what I was home to catch!!!
32-36” Black Drum, approximately 25-35#. Bucket list fish for me now checked off the list!!
Made an otherwise slow week of fishing well worth it!

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If you want the specks, go at night and fish the docks with lights. Throw white/pink tailed grubs and zo-zuri lures.
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