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Anyone use a...

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VHF antenna amplifier?
Is it legal? Guessing it's not I'm looking for better range, not the ability to over talk coast guard.
Does it really help for off shore radio transmitting?
Any recommendations of brand, if the above questions are approved?
I know the standard vhf radios are 25 watt. I'm also guessing height of antenna has a lot to do with radio contact.
I am looking at the standard horizon GX1700 or the Icom m424 with a high grade 8' antenna to go on top of my T-Top. I am open to other radio recommendations.
Thanks in advanced.
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legal limit on Marine VHF is 25 watts, you would probably do better to find someone with an SWR meter to check your antenna and co-ax for resistance and then make adjustments, than to run more power into an antenna that may not be running efficiently.
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recently upgraded my VHS to a VHS gx 1200 for the DSC ability. With the radio came a sticker that says under normal conditions range should be 20 Nautical miles. Apparently, the antenna, quality and height is important, since it is line of sight. DLo is right about 25 watt being a limit
I am also looking at this vhf Horizon-GX2150B.htm
and the Shakespeare 8900 antenna or this one Antenna-529-VW.htm
thanks for the reply's
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