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Hey everyone.

I grew up in FWB (1994-2006) and was stationed on Eglin (2009-2014) and have been a member on here for a while back in my coastal fishing days (not that far back lol).


I'm bringing the wife and kids down there to visit my dad and for a mini-vacation. I was hoping I could catch a ride with someone preferably inshore action in the fwb/destin area. I also love to wade so if you want to get together and fish some flats without a boat that sounds great too.

I have all my own gear and tackle. I'm pretty handy with my cast net (8ft). I can chip in for fuel/ice and help wash the boat afterwards.

I'll be down all day Thursday/Friday/Saturday so just shoot me a text or call (678) 850-6257

Just to break the ice: I'm 28 years old, married, and have 2 little girls. I was PMEL (2P0X1) in the Air Force. Currently work on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL for the Army calibration program on the logistics/acquisition level. Interests are fishing, football, basketball, and competitive weightlifting.

Sorry this sounds like a personals ad. But I imagine some people are hesitant to fish with someone they know nothing about.
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