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Anyone? Me, my wife and 2 kids will be down at the Pensacola/Gulf Shores KOA and will be fishing from the 1st through the 5th. If anyone has a wild hair and wants to help me get my wife and daughter on some cool fish feel free to hit me up. We do live below poverty level and this is my first vacation I've been able to take in over 15 years. I've got a charter setup, but also wouldn't mind getting on some more trips out. We can help out with cleaning boat, gas, etc.

My daughter said she really wants to catch a Mahi, Shark, Red Snapper, a Grouper of some sort, flounder and Sheepshead while she's down there. I mean she didn't set her hopes high or anything..... :rolleyes:

At any rate, if anyone is feeling generous or just thinks it'd be fun to do. This isn't about me at all, my wife and my 7 year old are what this is about, if my 5 year old wants to participate in the memories that's awesome too. I don't even care if I reel in a single fish. I've been to the gulf most of my youth and have caught just short of anything and everything there is to catch down there.

Have a great day and awesome weekend folks!

She can handle some fish!
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