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Anyone fish destin area?

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New to the forum.Ilaunch out of eglin AFB. Just wanted to see if anyone fished this area. I live in the crestview area. 2005 keywest 140hp susuki 4 stroke.
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yeah there are a few of us that fish the chochtaw bay. I mostly do the rocky bayou, boggy bayou, midbay bridge and Eglin flats. I occasionaly go out to cinco bayou or that area..
We live and launch at Eglin. We don't do much inshore fishing - but when we "have to" we fish the Destin and Shalimar bridge areas as well as the Coast Guard station and Destin rocks /jetties.
I lived on Eglin for five years. Yes there are lots of places to fish. How big is your boat? What species are you targeting. I ve caught cobia-barracuda all from the shore around the base. You have to change tactics as the season changes. But mostly specs/ reds/flounder/sheeps head.Try the shell pile. postal point, TLF, The sailboat marina, the canal leading to the main marina. all of these places hold fish. The key to catching them is to be there at the right time.Right now you have be there before the boat traffic starts, so that means you have to get up at odark30 Good luck
I live in Niceville and fish the Eglin flats, Rocky, Shirks areaa lot. Anything from the Mid bay back to Niceville mostly. This weekend I'm thinking of trying the Hog Town Bayouarea.
Can public launch from Eglin?

I always "launch" the canoe from Liza Jackson and head west toward the docks and channel, also fish around Cinco and the Destin Jetties.
Only active duty, retired, military dependents and DOD Contractors have access to the base, unless you can get someone to sponsor you on. If you have a sponsor to get you on base, you can launch at the yacht club or Postl Point ramps.
Welcome to the forum and you are in good company in the Destin area. I am in Bluewater (east of Eglin) and primarily fish in the Gulf. Tight lines and Good luck.
I live in Destin and fish inshore and offshore.
Been fishing in Destin for most of my 45 years. Caught some real nice mangrove snappers a week or so ago at the mid bay bridgeon live greenies. Just moving around from piling to piling. Had a few hooked that I never slowed down. Probably those pesky redfish.This cold front should have the flounder moving. Good luck.
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