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Anyone doing good on the Blackwater lately?

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Just checking to see how anyone else has fared. I've been out a bunch latley searching for those stripers whichare supposedly there. Have notfigured them out yet, but have caught plenty of specks, whitesandsome reds mixed in. Most are short. But best to date this fall. One speck 19" and one red 26". Any one else fishing the blackwater?
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Could someone briefly summarize the overall striped bass bite in Blackwater on this post? Do these fish come down from fresh water in the north land and school in the winter in Blackwater? Do they follow the bait with a water temperature change in the winter? What bait? What water temp does it have get down to before the bite is on? Is it all schooling fish one targets or are there stragglers all around as well? I have heard the bite is good in January, but would anyone tell us the month the bite starts and when it is over? What about tide and time of day? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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