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Anyone doing good on the Blackwater lately?

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Just checking to see how anyone else has fared. I've been out a bunch latley searching for those stripers whichare supposedly there. Have notfigured them out yet, but have caught plenty of specks, whitesandsome reds mixed in. Most are short. But best to date this fall. One speck 19" and one red 26". Any one else fishing the blackwater?
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I lived just north of I10 on the water for a few years. You can catch them year round on the deeper points. I've caught many on topwater just after sunset. They will be right on the edge of the grass. Look for an eddie.Don't use light tackle or you will get schooled. Those salts get 35lbs+.

In the winter when the north wind and low tide coincide they would get in my canal and run bait. One day I caught 2 trout over 22" and 2 stripes that were bigger in 5 casts. I was grilling out around Thanksgiving and saw all heck breaking loose in the canal and had a rod with a chug bug handy. One of those moments.

I never tried the deep hole below the trussle but it always lit up the bottom machine.
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