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Wondering if any of you guys deep drop from Panama City and some general ideas of what you do. I'm not looking for anyone's spots and not afraid to put in time to learn, but not sure if it is really feasible considering the difference (and distance) in bottom terrain out of PCB.

For anyone that does go, I have the following questions:

1. Do you head towards the Spur area or more directly SW, more in the direction of the Squiggles? I'd like to spend some time toward the squiggles since it is shorter run, but the bottom is more non-descript, at least from a general topography perspective.

2. What depths do you try - ~400 after drop or further to 6-800'+?

3. If anyone heads towards Squiggles, do you fish natural bottom/rocks or man-made stuff? Best to just head there in trolling season and watch sounder?

Finally, I'd be happy to take anyone out of PCB in my boat (and cover expenses)to learn the ropes from them.


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