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anyone catching kings at 3 mile?

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if so, what baits and what method of catching (trolling, anchoring, drifting) ?
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I dont know:)

Just adding a reply since no one has yet
have not heard of such going on yet.
They should be there, they are around the old auditorium and turning basin. Go catch a few and let us know for sure:letsdrink
I'm headed out sunday, what size leader, swivel(to attach wire), and a uni knot im guessing for your leader to main line?

Hopefully we'll catch a few!
Catching NO! Hooking,getting them right next to the boat,preparing to gaff them and having the wire break at the last second........Yes!:banghead
We didnt have any luck sunday. Atleast your hooking! What size wire? Is it getting kinked during the fight? We normally use single malin 48...
small small wire... i use 27lb sevenstrand.... and make the leaders LOONNNGGGG.... 3-4 feet.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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