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Last spring I was wanting to get back into pompano fishing. Dad was starting his 2nd year of dialysis and eating a lot of fish. So I hatched my grand scheme. I told dad a beach cart would pay for itself with fresh fish in no time. He thought it was a great idea, so we went and bought a cart. With the help I found here (mainly grouperking) I started bringing home plenty of pompano, whiting and redfish.

Dad passed on Nov. 1 and I eased back into work after the holidays. I finally got a longtime customer caught up using their pier wagon. Then the neighbor came calling. I almost went and bought a wagon like I'd been using, when I remembered the beach cart. With a few easy modifications it has been invaluable on my latest project. It pays for itself daily.

Now after cutting and toting boards all day I can ride my cart up and down the pier screwing off all afternoon! Thanks Dad!

eta: can't figure out how to rotate 2nd pic - maybe a mod can help?


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