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Any Coastie's on-board?

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I have a couple of questions in regards to no-wake zones and would rather deal w/someone off the board instead of make phone calls.
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Tide In Knots (10/8/2007)I'm a former Coastie.
Now I understand why you like to chase those "green water" fish. :poke
All boats at all times are responsible for any damage caused by their wakes. No wake zones are established in areas where property is especially susceptle to wake damage. When I was in the Coast Guard I saw several cases procecuted, all you need is damage a couple of witnesses.

My orginal question went to the Alabama Marine patrol who ref'd me to the Coast Guard since they don't police the ICW. The question are the no wake zones in front of "The Warf" and Lulu's are my question. The one in front of Lulu's states to maintain "safe" speed while the one in front of the Warf states no wake please. One-If these are "legal" signs put out by the proper authority, if so, why not have them marked the same way as the bouys going into Weeks Bay from the ICW? This way, there is a clear understanding of when this zone starts & stops. I understand that each vessel captain is responsible for the wake and yes I am awarethere is a marina (that does have an outside sea wall)there and a fuel dock but that isn't the what I'm trying to determine.
I can't tell you if those are legally posted no wake zones but I'd just use good judgement when transiting those areas. Like I previously mentioned, it really doesn't matter if it's marked or not.

The no wake min wake andidle speed signs that you normally see (orange and white) dictate how fast you can go. The one that saysmin wake means you can go as fast as you want aslong as there are no white parts in your wake. The one that says no wake means you have to travel only fast enough to maintain steerage and make way. The one that says idle speed means just that. Some times establishments will install their own speed signs. This is a big problem with navigation and is the biggest reason you should use best judgment. Example... You have just built a marina right next to several personal properties that have docks. The Coast guard had previously installed no wake signs surrounding the private properties. Now you have noticed that people are creating too much wake around your marina so you install a no wake sign on your marina. Now when people travel down that channel they see two no wake signs and then one resume speed sign. The coast guard can not keep up with all of the requests to install these signs in accordance with the navigation rules nor can they control the usage of personal property ie. the marinas new no wake sign.
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