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antenna question

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I have a Tournament Series Bottom Line fishfinder on my old boat. Boat is a 1992. Fishfinder is likely the same vintage.

It used to be top-of-the-line in its day. Had Loran, GPS, and fishfinder, complete with side sonar units.

Of course, loran has been discontinued.

My problem is that I dicovered one of my antennas is broken. It had a plastic base, and I guess some water accumulated in it and froze in the recent cold weather, which busted the plastic.

My question is: Was this the Loran antenna? (If so, I will just unhook it.)

Here are some pics. It had a wad of electronics in the base of it:

and here is a pic of what, i presume, is my gps antenna for this unit.....

I tried to look it up, and I found a replacement Loran module (Eagle ELC-1) for sale. I just wanted to confirm that this thing is only the loran, and not any part of the gps system.

Anybody know anything about these?
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As to upgrading, I was out there installing my "new" unit yesterday. It is a garmin 178 that I picked up used for $75, with all the parts. I will use it, and that old Bottom Line as redundent systems.

At least that gets me in this decade, right??? LOL

My co-workers say that they expect moths to fly out of my wallet in the few times they have seen it open up.....:poke
It came pre-loaded with a base map. I hope to use Mapsource Metroguide (which I have the original cd for; used it onmy 176c Garmin) to load my waypoints.

I do have to buy another memory card. I looked at the bluechart cards, but they are $200 for a preloaded card.

I will make do with the preloaded basemap. I wonder if Metroguide would run on that 178. I will have to research it and see. If so, I can load a mapset on the card, like I do on my 176c.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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