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antenna question

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I have a Tournament Series Bottom Line fishfinder on my old boat. Boat is a 1992. Fishfinder is likely the same vintage.

It used to be top-of-the-line in its day. Had Loran, GPS, and fishfinder, complete with side sonar units.

Of course, loran has been discontinued.

My problem is that I dicovered one of my antennas is broken. It had a plastic base, and I guess some water accumulated in it and froze in the recent cold weather, which busted the plastic.

My question is: Was this the Loran antenna? (If so, I will just unhook it.)

Here are some pics. It had a wad of electronics in the base of it:

and here is a pic of what, i presume, is my gps antenna for this unit.....

I tried to look it up, and I found a replacement Loran module (Eagle ELC-1) for sale. I just wanted to confirm that this thing is only the loran, and not any part of the gps system.

Anybody know anything about these?
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Yep.....That is a Loran antenna.

Call me when you get ready to get serious about a upgrade that you will not need to upgrade for a bunch of years and still not break the bank.


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At least that gets me in this decade, right???

Maybe. Do you have the map chart for the Garmin? They are obsolete now and the only way to get one is used.
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