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Another Fine Job completed by B&D Welding

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This job was started and completed on time. Something I can't say happens at other shops I've used.

Material is 3/16in 5056 alum.

Here are the pix's that I requested by the welding shop. BUT.....They were taken with a cell phone and not real clear as you can tell.

The welding rod used.

Center tank

These pix's I requested to show the alignment so you can get a idea of how much filler rod is used. All welds are double pass.

Note the custom "sweep" style fills. They were welded inside and outside and yes all tanks have dual vents. With 2- 45gal tanks and a 97gal tank we don't want to spend a half a day being aggravated by a burping gas nozzle.

Looking down on the top of the center tank.

Note the 1/4in plate for the sending units. They are orientated correctly if someone ever decides to go back to the old style sending units. They are drilled and taped, but the holes do not go into the tank. Drilled and taped for 10/32

My idea for the pickups. They are very similar in the tank in my Mako.

It's very hard to see in the pix, but the end is closed up and the pipe is cross drilled with a total of 6 holes to draw from.

Port tank.

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Finished sanding them and washed with wax & Grease Remover again. Taped out and 1st coat of Coal Tar Epoxy.

Disregard my messy shop. :) No time to clean.

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Bobby, Just how far out do you Flounder?????????

Nice work!!!
Dude I'll come help clean your shop for free, just keep passing on all your hard earned pieces of knowledge. :bowdown
Ha! :)

These tanks go in this.

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Looks great with lots of fore thought.

What is (what looks like a tab) next to the filler neck? for a ground strap attachment?

What is the thought reasoning behind the closed end and cross drilled pickup tubes?
Yes....That is a Ground lug.

If you would pick up a piece of trash it could clog the pickup. With multiple ports it can suck from another point.
Looks like great work as usual brother....I was kinda wondering the same thing about floundering, until you said it was fer another sled......Quality work right there!!!:bowdown:bowdown:bowdown
Awsome job Bobby ! These tanks should last FOREVER with the coal tar epoxy. Certainly worth the extra effort. Bobby is always about the extra effort in all his projects.
How much are these priced per gallon?? Work looks awesome!
$10 to $12 a gal is usually the going rate.

It depends on the thickness of the material and any extras.
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