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I'm going to post up some basic information and then re-post with details (unless someone takes all this stuff off my hands before).

I'm gonna have to unpack the closet and get some pictures today.

All of my dive equipement is for sale. I have a MARES (puck?) computer. 54" AB Biller (it's the limited or LTD?, anyway it's like $450 new, this is the solid stock, great gun). 48" regular AB Biller. 7 Mil wet suit from MBT (grey camaflouge). 5 aluminum 80's. I think most of them are in hydro, but if not, can deduct the cost of hydro from total price. I have some assorted regulator set up's and a men's m/l BC that is in good shape. There are also a couple of dive knifes in the mix. Assorted crimping equipment for setting up mono shock cord as well as some 500lb test line that I used for making rigs. Also a small (cheap) handheld GPS unit with a bunch of stored numbers that we have dove over the years. One set of Jet fins and some other fins that I can't remember the make of. Also a cooler and a propane tank (if you want it, it's in the closet). Several low volume dive masks.

I will take $$650 firm for everything that I listed (and whatever else you find in the mix, because I know I have left some stuff out). I tried to add up what I paid for all included and I stopped at $2500.

If I dont get an offer pretty quick for the package, then I will start selling it off a piece at a time.

My wife and I are not going to be able to be back in Pensacola much for a while (for school), so this stuff is just taking up space.

First phone call takes the whole thing.

Also, if anyone is interested in some nice bedroom furniture please see this link.


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