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All I caught was a great sunset.

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Went out today late at 10:30am, trolled stretch 25's from the CG station to the pass, no takers. Went trough the bouy's and caught some live cigs, then decided to try bottom bumping for some grouper. No luck except for a small grouper and lots of snapper. I came back to the pass and tried my luck with bull reds and nothing again, so I decided to catch a picture of the sunset. The Blue Angels made a pass in formation with smoke on just after the sunset along with Fat Albert thenthey circled the runwayfor final approach. Came home with no fish, but had a great day by myself and enjoyed the great Pensacola weather and scenery.

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Well I guess that alot of snapper is a good problem. Maybe land some grouper next time. Good job on the pix, some of those are worth framing. Looks like it was a good day out on the water:clap
Can't complain about a day on the water and a free show to boot!
Nice pictures. I am thinking the grouper is a yellow mouth. Were you fishing the edge or close to the hill?
The little grouper was caught at some concrete rubble near shore about 8 miles out. I'm not sure whatspecies of grouper it isthough, just knew it was too small to look up in the ID book, it may be a Red Hind grouper.
Saw your rig parked at PCA the other day. Did not see you or would have introduced myself. Got two kids there myself.
I have a son at PCA in K-4. I had to pickhim up last Monday after a windy day fishing in the bay with my dad.
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