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Looks like I am going to be wrapping up my offshore fishing for a while due to military commitments. Its going to be hard to list everything but I will do my best if you see something you like in the pictures PM me.

Avet LX Goldsx2=$200 each with the braid backing and the mono top shot used only twice excellent condition. sold

Connley Rods Kingfishx2 20-50# 6'6" rods in good condition $75
Have another Kingfish rod with broken tip for $50

Connley Rods Sailfish Spinx3 15-50 6'6" rods in good condition $75

Shimano Baitrunner 8000 good condition with #30 power pro $150

YoZuri Bonitax2 lures $15ea sold

Drift Sock excellent shape $25 sold

Bait hotel $15 sold

YoZuri Hydro big lures x3 $10 sold

YoZuri Hydro small lures $5 (need new hooks)

Cast net I think is a 1/2 dont know diameter $20

Boone Crimping tool $15 sold

Dehooker $10

Fishing belts big ones $15 smaller one $10

Fish lip gripper and scale $15 sold

Rootbeer colored saltwater eals brand new x6 $8ea

If you want that lure bags I will throw them in if you buy 3 or more lures.

I have so much more stuff I need to go through like leader material hooks, swivels, tools, etc let me know if your interested all this stuff has to go. Trying for all pay pal transactions and buyer covers shipping


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I'll take the bonitas if Kenton backs out. Also, how big is the drift sock? I'll probably take that, too. Where are you located? If it's not too far, I'd like to come look at some of the rigging stuff.
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