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AL. Youth hunt, who's goin and where?

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I will be at the Perdido WMA bright and early Sat. morning, the yungin is so excited he is washing the huntin clothes by himself right now!
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I'll be taking Robert and John Alan on our property up in Oak Hill. Good luck to ya'll.

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Good luck to all the little hunters. Moms and Dads keep them safe and take plenty of pictures.
Thanks for the good luck wishes, I am going to be filming, I hope, since I can not hunt. I am having a hard time sleeping already.
does this mean I can shoot a rifle this weekend???? and claim a youth was shooting:moon:banghead
Took my son to the camp Friday evening. He had a great time, saw 10 deer over the weekend. Shot his first buck (a spike) and also missed a doe this weekend. He cannot wait to go back. He got three does last year. Finally got his first buck, I was hoping it would be bigger, but you have to start somewhere. Will post a pic later.
Congratulations to him!!! Lookin forward to seeing the pics. We did not see a dad burn thing, but there is always this weekend.
I hope your luck changes this weekend(seeing deer) it helps to keep thedrive to go.... keep flowing, good luck to all the young hunters...that is what it's all about....passing on our sport of hunting and fishing!!!!congrat's to all the fathers,grandfathers,uncles,and friends for taking the kids out....:bowdown:clap:toast
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