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air or nitrox

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when someone says air or nitrox integrated, what exactly does that mean? can it be both or just one. i have dove for over 5 years and know the rules, just not the lingo i guess. i guess my computer is nitrox since that is what i dive with.
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"Air" or "Nitrox" integrated, in reference to computers means the computer also functions as your pressure gauge for monitoring air supply.
Air or Nitrox intergrated only referrs to the computer's ability to monitor tank pressure and breathing gas use. This can be by a direct connection to the regulator, or a wireless transmitter. I personally use a SCUBAPro SmartCom intergrated system and I love it.
thanks i have a oceanic vt pro i guess. i have had it for about a year and a half. still in box, never used. it has the sticker still on the console and transmitter that hooks to the tank/1st stage?. iwas thinking about selling it. thanks for the replys. just wanted to make sure my terminology was right.
Air is 21% oxyegen. nitrox is anything above that hence 32%.
I'm thinking around $600.00 its $799.00 in the store.Icould send pics this evening if interested.
air or nitrox refers to the type of air you can use with that computer. You can change the % of oxygen you use. For air it is 21% and nitrox is usually 32% or 36% however you can mix whatever % to fit your dive profile.
Thanx, I found pics of the model online. I appreciate it though!
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