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After doing the morning chores today, headed out just to get on the boat.
Had a couple dozen pinfish and some squid. Target area was Florida waters but I don't have many numbers that far east. Hit the ones I have about 7 miles se of the pass. Not a lot of structure but the fish were very active on the bottom machine.

Caught about 20 triggers that were 13.5 inches or so. Two at a time -- fun but not dinner. The spouse got hit on pinfish several times. I caught about a dozen short RS on the chicken rig. And some ramora that liked the squid. Put a big bait down and got rocked, maybe a grouper. Finally got a barely legal black snapper for the box.

Then the wife got a REAL nice black snapper, about 4 lbs.

Got tired of releasing snapper and trigger and headed home.
Here's the very fresh, very good fried black snapper, home fries and fried yellow squash, and cole slaw. Mmmmmmmmm..


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