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Adding plastic trailers

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Do any of you use plastic imitation trailers on your lures in place of ballyhoo? What is your opinion? I have started using them due to the ease of rigging and no washout. Have had a couple of hoo's hit them and I'm just wondering what you think.:letsdrink
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Are you talking about those plastic belly strips, curly tails or what?
Large curl tails and imitation ballyhoo in place of natural strip bait and hoo.
I take it that I'm the only one trying it! Good might be the best thing going!!!:letsdrink
Laser tails on cobia jigs work. We did get a #32 bull dolphin on a rubber ballyhoo/williamson luremid summer,other than that its usually all natural. Billy Baits also makes a rubber strip bait but haven't tried it yet,its been in the package for oh 3 or 4 yrs now. Looks like it'll work,maybe. Won't know till ya try now won't we,good luck.
I'll keep trying, I have had a couple fish on with them. Just fishin for opinions!:letsdrink
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