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I thought with all the doom and gloom some of you might like to see this if you already haven't

5-20-10, 10:00 a.m. ? It looks like BP has a new ally in their efforts to clean up the oil. Namely, Kevin Costner.

Costner gets criticized a lot as an actor, though for the most part we?ve usually found his movies entertaining (with a few exceptions). But the one thing you?ve got to give him is that unlike the typical loudmouth lefty know-nothings who populate Hollywood, when he decides to get involved in an issue he actually does something constructive.

Namely, after the Exxon Valdez spill, Costner got together with some scientists and engineers and invented a device which can vacuum up spilled oil and separate it from water. And BP agreed to test a half-dozen of Costner?s machines yesterday, including the biggest model, a $24 million centrifuge which can clean 200 gallons of water each minute (which is 288,000 a day, and based on the 10 percent concentration of oil in the slicks BP has already skimmed, you?re looking at 30,000 gallons a day for each of the big machines).

No word yet on how well Costner?s machines have performed. But the actor and his Louisiana trial lawyer business partner John Houghtaling say they?ve got 300 machines of various sizes capable of sucking oily water in, separating the black stuff and shooting clean water out. The company is called Ocean Therapy.

Video from WDSU-TV?

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Compare Costner?s environmental activism with that of Robert Redford, who wants to put people out of work in response to the spill?

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