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A Friend's 3 yr old needs Prayer

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God be with Lindsey and her family keep them in youre protective care.:angel
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Normally I would pray silently but this really touched me and wanted to share.

Dear lord thank you for all of the wonderful gifts you have givenus and the blessings you have bestowed on my family. Please bless Lindsey and her family most especially her mother and father in thier time of uncertainty and watch over her as we know you already do. Your will be done, your humble servant Michael. God bless and watch over us.:angel
Last night, a friend of mine noticed something wrong with his daughter's eye. (She's 3) It was discovered that she lost her sight in that eye. After several hours of testing today, they have suggested that it may be cancer. Now they want to get her to a specialist in Miami. They've been told she could loose her eye. Please keep her in your prayers - The parents are scared and not sure how to go about their next steps. Her name is Lindsey.
Prayers sent. :angel
I couldn't even imagine...:angel:angel:angel:angel:angel:angel:angel:angel
Prayers sent for a total and complete healing of Lindsey and also for strength and comfort for the entire family.
Prayers sent from a survivor's family. Keep the faith.:angel
Prayers sent from my family to yours...:angel andgod speed lindsey, with technology today you will be ok... from someone who also has a child with unilateral retino blastoma... and a 18 year alumni of St Judes Childrens Medical Research Center Memphis Tenn...:usaflag
Prayers sent. :angel :angel :angel
prayers said and will continue to pray for Lindsey & her family...:angel
Prayers sent. :angel:angel:angel:angel:angel:angel

Lindsey is young and that is a plus for recovery....she is 1 of GODS children and he will be with her...Prayers to the family,friends,and medical personel who she comes in contact with:angel:angel:angel
Prayer's sent to Lindsey and her family.......
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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