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A couple from last week and my girlfriend's first!!

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My girlfriend has been VERY patient with me this year while I taught her the ins and outs of hunting (only her second year). Well I decided she was finally ready to sit alone and me not freak out that she was going to shoot I told her that if she wanted to shoot a doe to go ahead and take one, but she insisted on waiting for her first buck! I dropped her off at her stand and went to mine, only to hear a shot at 6:45.... I'm not sure my feet hit any of the steps gong down the ladder on my way to her. When I get there, I find her shaking in the shooting house saying I had two bucks here right after you left!! Long story short, she smoked this guy at 120 yards! I'm so proud I can't even think straight! The other one is the buck I shot last week, but hers is the best BY FAR!
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I can't get the pic of mine to load.....doesn't matter anyway!
Her Buck looks like He's trying to say something....... Great photo!!!
Way to go girl! Congrats on your first.
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Very nice!Congrats!

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Awesome work fer her!!!! Good deal!!!:thumbsup:
Nice first deer. Looks like she is hooked now.
Outstanding!! Congrats to the young lady:thumbup:
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