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I finally had a second to post something here about our Crystal River Trip last week... and saw my Louisiana trip in the top 3 on the "Out Of The Area" forum!! Is it that slow around here!???
Anyway, here is a teaser on the upcoming video....
(I see the youtube player won't load again- what changed now??- LOL Sorry, you'll have to click on the link then!)

And for the meantime, I'll give a little more for my PFF pals... I'll try and not give away too many spoilers! LOL
We headed to Crystal River the day after Halloween, and made it in time for a quick run over to our "Redfish Point"- my go to spot first thing upon arriving there.... where we ran into a bunch of juvenile snooklets, and a redfish.

(I'd leave a picture here- but I'm still trying to figure out this new Windows program. It dos not operate the same as the old one, dang this is a PITA).
Anyway- things got quiet and the no-see-ums were chewing on us pretty good despite the bug repellant- so we headed back to Crackers Bar/ Grill for dinner!
The next day we started early, headed over to Pete's Pier to load up ice, shrimp, and make arrangements for a slip for a couple nights. Then we headed out towards the power plant channel. We worked the tree lined fill for quite awhile and were only getting a few Ladyfish, Spanish Mackerel, and a couple small redfish and Teresa caught one keeper Black Drum! I got a good sized trout towards the mouth of the channel-

but it was still a slow bite. We deciding to head to a different spot further out- but still no luck with keepers!
With my window for a mangrove trip dwindling with the tide- I took us back into the mangroves to look for some redfish or snook. I found one spot with a few reds- one of which was a nice slot!! That made me feel better about today! So we headed in to clean up and go get some dinner. We wanted to try someplace new- so a stone's throw from the Best Western, is this nice restaurant called Charlie's! So after I take the boat back over to dock at Pete's pier and plug up the trolling batteries, we go back to Charlies for a couple orders of Stone Crab Claws and Calamari!

And of course they were great!! And so were the mixed drinks- like Charlies Rum Runner, Smooth Sunset, and Teresa liked the Bahama Mamma. We really enjoyed the dinner and service there.
In the Morning, we got up early and headed back over to Petes Pier to load the boat with supplies for the day, nd try again to find the trout bite! This time, per a tip from my buddy Marrio Castillo, we headed straight out to the spoils on the power plant channel- but we were having almost the same luck as the previous day- I'm starting to think my luck is not with us, and the full moon has cursed this trip. Then about 10ish, about an hour or so into our flood tide, the bite turns on!! And we start putting trout in the boat as fast as we can! Teresa also catches a nice big overslot redfish!

After that bite slows- we press on trying to get the last couple trout to round off our limit for the day.... to no avail!! So - I make another quick run into the mangroves to see if we can find the reds again- but I guess they got the memo from the trout! LOL We decided to hit Charlies again, and got some more stone crab and calamari and conch fritters! We return to the Best Western after dropping off the boat at the marina- hop in the hot tub for a quick soak! ...and call it a night!

The next day- we are ready, and tined in to the routine! LOL
LOL- That almost looks like an ad for Power Pole!! :)
We head out to the spoils and prepare for the bite- meanwhile, we fish around the rocks- where Cookie catches a couple Spanish..... we get situated for the 10:00 bite-
I think Cookie was planning this since I beat her the day before fishing- not that it mattered to me....
But- it seemed like I ended up spending a lot of time re-tying leader and jig heads she was loosing in the rocks- while the 10:00 bite started- and she's throwing fish in the boat like "gangbusters"

Anyway- after cleaning up at the Best Western and grabbing a bite at Crackers, next door, we made a quick dash to the mouth of Crystal River just in time to see the sunset! Then went back and got some well deserved rest! So I'd be ready for that long drive home in the morning!
One last thing! We usually eat at Grannies down the road, but I'd been wanting to try Sara's Diner. And as luck would have it, they were open this Sunday morning! And what luck I had! Aside of the great eggs, link sausage, hashbrowns- they had Cheese Blitz!! I hadn't had one of those in years!!! And it was all great!
Anyway - that's all for now. Look out for the video, coming to our youtube channel soon!!
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