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I went to Wayside Park yesterday and fished the mouth of Texar. I got there around 4pm and the first thing I saw was 3 or 4 dolphins feeding on a school of fish, I am guessing mullet. It was pretty cool to watch as I am collecting a few pin fish with the sabiki.

I was fishing right by a row of rocks so I put a pin fish out on a bottom rig on one side of the rocks a worked a Gulp shrimp on a jig head on the other side. Well the sun had gone down and there wasn't much going on. Something stole the pin fish and something else hit my Gulp and cut it in half so I replaced both and kept fishing.

Not too long after dark I see something white sticking up out of the water and kind of flittin around right on top of the rocks.

"What the hell is that? It looks like a it can't be."

So I took out my flashlight andholy crap that is a red fish. He had to of been 35+ inches. Right there about 15 feet in front of me in about 1 1/2 to 2 feet of water.

So I moved the pin fish a little closer to rocks and started working the Gulp alot closer and nothing. So I am thinking he is concentrating on the rocks. Well I take a Gulp put it on a circle hook with no weight and a cork so I can just sit it on top of the rocks with out it getting hung up and I put it about a foot away from him. He worked all around the damn thing and didn't touch it. Ok let me try something else. I take off the Gulp and put a live pin under the cork. I shorten it up so the pin doesn't get down in the rocks and I put him right out on the rocks about a foot or so away from big red. NOTHING!! I guess if I would of had some fiddlers he might of been interested.

Anyway, that fish stayed right there feeding on them rocks for close to 2 hours, flipping that tail up out of the water and putting on a nice little show for me. I am not too frustrated that i didn't get to have any fun with him because it was an awesome sight.

Just thought I would share. By the way I didn't catch anything. I guess I was too busy watching big red.
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