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^)" A.B. Biller for sale

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I cannot post pics on this forum for some reason. I will send pics to anyone interested. The gun is like new only been down a few times. Mosetly rides in the boat as a backup. I am looking to get another gun that I might use. Retails for somewhere around $370. I am asking $280 OBO.
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What size???

How many bands???

What kind of wood???
Hey Kev,

If you want to email me the pics, I can post them for you.

Sorry I thought I posted it in the title. It is a 60" Biller with 3-5/8" bands on it. Mahogany
Bump... I see you guys talking about big guns on here. This is the biggest A.B. Biller made. No offers?
It aint the LTD with the solid stock is it?????????

Please say yes
MAHOGONY!! LOL. No it is not the LTD. Different wood.
There is a mahogony LTD.'s the 60" mahogany LTD Biller. It's a one(single)piece frame/stock. It lessens the sound and flex of the gun, better also for longevity. Clay and I both are lookin' at that one as our next gun! Hey, 'Pierce07',aren't you in the market for a gun? Clay-Doh has two nice set-ups for sale...been lookin' at 'em, myself.
Ya i have been looking at them but i have heard a couple things about the new jbl and i like his other gun. I got his number and thinking about swinging by his house to check out both guns. I've been looking at all the different kinds just looking until friday (payday)
OK I just got off the Biller website. No it is not a LTD. They had one at the tourny but the wood was different and I did not notice the full stock on it.

Also, that is a $550 retail gun. I would rather have a riffe. I have both.
They make the LTD in either mahogany, teak, or paduk, ach one priced differently.

I know they got a heafty prictag, but honestly I don't like the restring system on the riffes, or any of the other similar ones, like Steve Alexanders, Andres, ect. The LTD has the same easy string setup as there regular guns, but the solid stock.

I'm gonna plop down some mula for it when I sell my other 2 guns.

Hey Pierce, even though I want you to buy one of my guns, Kevins biller here is a full size, basically same as my woody magnum for sale, just better priced if you dont want to spend the loot for my Rambo set up.:)
True about the restring on the riffe. I dont like it either, thats why I shoot the JBL. That and the 3/8 shaft that has never "BROKE"! LOL. Sorry Clay...couldnt help myself. Seriously though the 3/8 and 5/16 shaft are the same diameter where yours broke. But I have never had a problem.
I can't figure out how I have broke 2 shafts this summer. Guess I must be hitt the hardest part of there skull with my deradly aim???:poke

Hee hee, sounded good to me anyways!
Who bought it , so we know where to ask to borrow.
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