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97 Dodge Ram 2500 part out

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95 Dodge Ram 2500 part out

I have a 95 Regular Cab Short Bed Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 automatic that has no bed, no rear bumper, a damaged cab and no title...It is time to part it out...

-Located in Pensacola Fl
-Will ship for S/H
-All prices are obo
-Listed below are just a few of the parts ask for others


Cummins 12 Valve Engine with Banks Powerpack 170xxx - $3500
^Runs STRONG, I will shoot a video before I start taking things apart^

47RE 4x4 Transmission - $1000

Transfer Case - $500

Dana 60 Front Axle - $350

Front Coil Spring SET - $150

Dana 70 Rear Axle - $250

Rear Leaf Packs & Blocks - $200

Rear Driveshaft - $100

Intercooler - $200

Radiator - $200

Air Box Assembly - $100

Starter - $75


Stock Wheels & Tires - $400 set
^Michelin 265-16's at least half tread life^

Left Fender - $50

Right Fender - It's something and I'll throw it in the deal!

Doors - $100 each - $175 set

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Interior fair

The interior is fair.

Manual door locks and windows. Transplanted electric cloth seats that are from a later modrl(?) in ok condition.

I wouldn't say that the dash is broken beyond repair. There is one long crack in the middle to my recollection.

I personally wouldn't mess with it though, as fragile as these old dashes are I can't see a transplant going well. I highly recommend a dash mat. That's what I did to my 99 and I've never worried about it since.

Thanks for the interest,
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Correct, no tailgate

no bed means no tailgate right? I need a tailgate... cant chase one down
Well it looks like Bubba is all over the tail gate, but to answer the question in case anyone else is wondering, no I don't have a tailgate...
Bump... The only parts gone so far are the axles.
I do still have the alternator. According to the Autozone website your van takes the same part number alternator as this truck that I'm parting out. PM sent.
Truck is coming apart this weekend

If anyone wants to see this truck running and driving please let me know today.

Today or tomorrow I will be pulling the radiator and some of the running gear that will prevent it from running and driving anymore.
Still in running order

I didn't end up needing to pull any of the running essentials so if anyone wants to see it running let me know.

The bumper is sold.
Whole truck is sold!

Thanks for the interest guys, the whole truck was recently sold. There will be a Cummins K5 Blazer in FWB soon!
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