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I blew my engine (Yamaha 115 V-4) on my Wellcraft CC and have decided to part out what I can or sell it as a package.

The boat is very solid. The floor has been redone and is ugly (I bought it like this) but very solid. It is on a Shoreland'r trailer. I have pretty much rebuilt this trailer (new leafsprings, bolts, lights, etc). It has a crappy axle on it at the moment (long story) but the hubs are almost new. I have another good axle that needs one of the hubs replaced (the axles are two different sizes......otherwise I would have put the good hubs on the good axle).

I also have two sets of 13" or 14" tires/rims. 1 set is galvanized and the other are painted white. One of the crossmembers also needs to be replaced or fixed. This bolts on, so it can easily be replaced. The motor went out about the same time as the crossmember, so I haven't fixed it yet. $200+/- from Eddie English or less if you are handy.

I have been out 12-13 miles in this boat and it handles the water with ease. It was quite fast with the Yammy 115 on it too. There are a lot of these boats around for a reason.

I have the Yamaha 115 V-4 that was on it completely broken down and ready to be rebuilt. From what I have been told by a BUNCH of mechanics this is one of the best 2-stroke motors ever built. It is just a little more than I want to bite off at the moment.

I will try to get some pix up asap. Let's call it $1800 obo for the whole shooting match or will part out accordingly.

I sold the foot off of the motor, but will include all of the other parts to the 115. It's already broken down, so half of the work is done for the rebuild.

Thanks for looking!!!

Somebody make me an offer:thumbup:



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