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We got up and decided to make a run to the ledge on the predicted <1 foot seas. Pulled out of Shoreline and headed to the pass. The current looked like it was going to pull the buoy anchors. The seas where not at all <1. We pressed on for a 28 mile trip. Once we got to our first mark, set the spot lock and instantly began pulling up some junk mixed with smaller mingo. Son dropped a knife gig and pulled up a king. I hooked on to a monster that destroyed by 30# chicken rig. Bite died so be moved on to a spot where it went from 175 to 197. Dropped and instantly hooked up on the larger mingo we were after. Did that a few more times. Son jigged another king, boats biggest to date.

Headed back in around 1300 and the seas began to lay down as we looked for some grass. We came across some patches right as you can see the condos break the horizon. They were full of bait and chicken dolphin. Threw out a hard bait and fought what we thought was a big mahi. Though it was odd it never jumped, that's because it was a large bonita. Turns out the mahi were not interested in the fake stuff.

Son pulled out a sabiki and struggled to catch any of the bait because they knew was was lurking. He pulled in a few and as soon as they hit the water, bam. Ended up with 6 or so biggest well over 30, another boat best. Called it quits and full throttled the all the way in on lake like seas. Best part, it was my buddies first outing and he caught the biggest mingo, bonito and mahi..........and wanted non of the fish.

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