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There hasn’t been a bluewater post in while so I thought I would add one.

I went on a solo trip on 9/22 out to the area around the Elbow. Left the house in OB early for the ~2 hour run.
Put out a couple of wahoo lures at the start of the drop in about 200’ and trolled toward the Elbow. Nothing to show for it. Around 600’ I changed out to smaller dolphin/tuna lures, both on the outriggers (since I was by myself I kept the spread to 2 baits most of the time).

Water was very clean, but not a deep blue. No grass at all, and some flyers. I was marking a good bit of bait near the bottom throughout the area near the elbow. About 15 minutes into the troll the right rigger goes off and line starts peeling off the reel. And then a nice sailfish starts dancing and performing acrobatics.

Since the fish had taken a good bit of line off the reel I was trying to clear the other line and fight the fish. After 10 – 15 minutes I had the fish boat side, got a couple of poor pics (trying to leader a very active sailfish and take a photo with my phone was difficult), and got a clean release. Caught the sail on a pink squid skirt with mylar insert.
Nothing else on the troll the rest of the day.

Finished the day with some bottom fishing in 350' - 250' and caught a couple of red grouper and some small gags (all released), a few large beeliners, and half a scamp. Also got sharked a couple of other times on mystery fish.
All in all a great day to be on the water.
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Fantastic solo day.
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