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We headed out Thursday morning with hopes of finding some billfish. We got the Spur area around noon, after detouring about 20 miles from the Naval drills they were doing at the Nipple. Water was Blue Blue. We got a Roff's report it told us to focus our efforts between the Spur and Double Nipple. So once the spread was out we headed to the Double Nipple. There were lots of Fliers but no weedlines. We picked up about halfway to get there before dark. Once we got to the DN we hooked up on a decent Mahi got him boat side and lost him.

Anyway we then started over to Noble Jim Day (Big Ass Rig). We got there before dark and it was dead. I did not mark any fish and there was no surface activity. We circled it several times and hooked up and landed a decent Cow Mahi. Made another pass got another one. Stayed in there area for a little longer and nothing else.

It was getting dark, we cleared the deck and made the short hop over to Horn Mt. Once there we were marking good fish deep, 400 or so. Started jigging. hooking up, and feeding the sharks. Got several heads till we just started horsing up the fish. We got 3 nice BFT in the box.

At 9 we said enough and headed to the Steps for Swords. Not much going on there either, got a couple bites in the night, 1 shark and 1 mystery, but it was quiet.

We woke up to calm seas and put out our spread and headed NE back to Destin. We finally got a really nice bite on the Shotgun. Fish was way back and putting on an aerial show, i thought it was a small ******. But after a a few mintes we got it close to the boat and saw it was a pretty good bull.

Fishing Fish Recreational fishing Recreation Fish

We got set back up and crossed over the Elbow, got a little shallow (300 or so) and hooked up to a big King. Maybe 45#, i did not weigh him. But he skyrocketed our long rigger and made a great run.

Just North of the Elbow a small billfish came in the spread. We fed it and it ate, but spit it shortly after.

We pulled everything about 1:00 to run in and found a nice patch of weeds. It was holding a ton of decent sized schoolie mahi. We got 8 of those to round out the trip. Made it to Sandestin by 5. Got some meat for the freezer, but no Bills.

Sorry for being long winded, but I personally like to read long reports.
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